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About Us/Biography

as described by Gina L. Battle,

An esteemed, empowered, woman of excellence. She exudes confidence and has a positive outlook on life. A 'S-hero' is generous and supportive of others - an expression of her inner beauty as a woman - as defined by gbinspire (Aug. 2010). Regina Ford has been selected as the S-hero, so befitting for October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

This lady has been divorced for over ten years; and is the mother of a handsome, thriving son with Autism, and a beautiful, talented daughter, a recent high school graduate. She has also been retired for 18 years, after many years of employment with a large insurance company.

Looking at her magnanimous smile today, you can't tell she has lived through tumultuous trials and tribulations, not unlike many people we see every day. But as a result of her spirituality and lifelong belief in Jesus Christ, she has come to a very peaceful place overcoming one of the biggest challenges of her life - Breast Cancer.

Regina is the author of In the Midst of a Storm, Stand an easy to read "Book about one woman's battle with Breast Cancer and how she overcame the disease." It is also a book of inspiration and hope for those struggling in their life. It is for a patient as well as for a caregiver. Her book can be ordered on or

In addition, Ms. Ford is a volunteer advocate working with American Cancer Society programs such as - Reach Recovery, and Look Good, Feel Better. She has since incorporated her passion for beauty as a licensed cosmetologist into helping women feel and look great during and after cancer treatments.

As an inspirational speaker, her tours include speaking engagements at churches, colleges, and personal gatherings in New York City and the surrounding Metro areas. Churches call on her to testify, educate, and motivate women in the congregation because she is relatable. Her speaking and book tours have also included Delaware and New Jersey.

In 2008, she created Cancer Survivors in Christ Outreach Ministry, (C.S.I.C) which offers educational workshops to promote awareness and support about Breast Cancer to women, men, their families, and caregivers.

Regina's mission is to uplift and inspire people through the Word of God and help begin the healing through her Ministry and personal experience.

If you would like further information about Ms. Ford or would like to contact her to speak at your Church or other gathering, please contact her at (347) 277-2388.

gbinspire (October 2010)